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Programs of the courses to be implemented:

The programming of the five (5) practical workshops of the school introduces the participant to experiment with innovative materials and techniques, as well as to interact with national and international goldsmiths. This allows you to obtain more conceptual and technical knowledge for a more complete and organic training in the production and creation of the pieces.

The students make visits to workshops or schools of other goldsmith, stores of supply of materials, and tools, sales of metals and stones. In this way students can get a better understanding of the market and its trends.

Note: The graduate student at the ARIGANA Jewelry Design School obtains a “Jewelry Designer  Certificate” endorsed by the Ministry of Education registered under N ° PR00450810.

Level 1

five (5) months, 3 hours per week

At this level, the graduate will have knowledge of safety standards and systems to work within a goldsmith workshop, as well as the tools, materials, equipment and techniques that will be applied at that level. The knowledge and familiarization of […]

Level 2

five (5) months, 3 hours per week

At this level the graduate will have knowledge of the works with bronze threads. In the same way, he will begin to know and work with 1000 and 950 silver sheets and threads. During this level the student will manufacture […]

Level 3

five (5) months, 3 hours per week

At this level you will learn the melting of metals, the marriage of different metals, cuttlefish, granulation and reticulation. With these techniques the student will be more able to develop the skill when manufacturing their pieces, it also allows them […]

Level 4

five (5) months, 3 hours per week

At this level he specializes in creating jewelry and obtaining knowledge of the different existing stones, applying the techniques of setting for its manufacture with different types of settings to mount stones in pieces designed and created by the student. […]

Level 5

five (5) months, 3 hours per week

At this level the graduate will master everything related to the micro mechanisms and closures or clasps for finishing the pieces. In the same way, his conceptual development leads him to have an image and presentation that defines him before […]

Free style courses

In this course multiple techniques are taught, both for beginners and for advanced jewelry. Each student develops projects or consolidates knowledge according to the level and their interests. The works will have the personal stamp in their design. This course […]

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